Can Social Media Really Reach More Consumers Than TV?

It seems like common sense that more people use social media than watch TV. Has anyone collected data on this? I tend to think that more people watch tv and are actually using cable instead of streaming services. If this hypothesis is true, then Social Media is not as good of a marketing tool as people may think. After doing some research, I found that the most popular social media site is Facebook. The most popular television event depends on the year. It is normally a championship event like the Olympics, or the World Cup. These statistics are global. Facebook has around 1.5 billion monthly users. TV has an average of about 2.2 billion watchers for a single global event of similar magnitude the the Olympics. In conclusion, I really think TV advertising is not as obsolete as people say. It can be a very useful tool. I do however think that Facebook is the way of the future. While TV may have more users with these big events, Social Media is the future and may be the most consistent avenue for marketers. Facebook and other social media apps are creating TV shows and products of that nature which may actually render TV obsolete in the near future.

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